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Upgrading your company to new PCs can help build security and increased protection for your network and sensitive, valuable data. Older PCs can’t effectively run some of the software today’s businesses require—leaving you more vulnerable to hackers, viruses, and other costly information security risks.


Older operating systems can also contribute to increased risk. For example, Microsoft Windows* 95 and Windows NT* 4 operating systems, running on many older PCs, have reached their nonsupport phases, and Windows* 98 is expected to follow in January 2004. That means your PCs may end up operating without important security updates.


WhizNet can build you a computer to you specifications or you can choose from WhizNet's package deals. You can also customise the operating system and applications software you want installed.


Computers packaged by WhizNet are all made with trusted top quality components and constructed by qualified personnel.


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Upgrade your old computer for a fraction a new computers price

What many people don't realise is that your existing computer can still be useful depending on your upgrade requirements.


Whiznet can upgrade your computer entirely or part by part to suit your budget.  This saves your hard earned cash on replacing components such as keyboards, mouse, power supply and case that you have already paid for and can be reused.


If you need a larger hard drive, more memory, a CD/DVD-ROM, new processor, or other improvements, Whiznet can do the job quickly and cost effectively. You can supply your own hardware, or we can buy the parts and pass the discounts on to you. This can save you money and we can perform the upgrade at your site. This will minimize the downtime during the upgrade.


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Whiznet can also upgrade or replace printers, modems, scanners and other related peripherals to compliment your computer system.

We can also upgrade your computer and accessories to connect to the internet - broadband or dialup depending on your needs.


What ever your computer situation, Whiznet has your upgrade solution.


Let Whiznet Upgrade Your Existing PC!

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